Collection: MEDALS in Portuguese Filigree

Discover the unique tradition and beauty of Portuguese Filigree in our exceptional collection of pendants, where each piece is an expression of our rich cultural heritage.

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Elegance: Filigree Medal Collection

Discover the tradition and unique beauty of Portuguese Filigree in our exceptional collection of pendants. Each piece is an expression of our rich cultural heritage, combining traditional craftsmanship with contemporary designs.

Small Medals - Delicacy in Every Detail

Our selection of Small Medals excels in charming delicacy. Each piece is a miniature wonder, standing out for its intricate details that reflect the mastery of Portuguese artisans.

Large Medals - Imposition and Elegance

Declare your presence with our Large Medals in Portuguese Filigree. Each piece is a statement of style, displaying imposing filigree patterns that reflect the authenticity of our tradition.

Medals Crosses and Cruxifixes - Symbolism and Grace

Explore symbolism and grace in our collection of Crosses and Cruxifixes Medals, where each piece is a unique visual representation of tradition, adding a spiritual and elegant touch to your look.

Coração de Viana Medals - Love and Tradition in One Piece

We highlight the eternal beauty of the Coração de Viana or Coração Minhoto Medals, a tribute to the city of Viana do Castelo, where this piece, a symbol of love and tradition, prevails in festivities such as the Festas da Nossa Senhora da Agonia.

Medals with Enamel - Vibrant colors

Both in a traditional and a more modern approach, our collection includes Medals with Enamel, with vibrant colors that merge with the timeless elegance of filigree, creating pieces that combine tradition and contemporaneity.

Using 925 Sterling Silver, we guarantee exceptional beauty and quality in each medal. When purchasing one of these pieces, in addition to complementing your style, it also showcases the rich history of Portuguese Filigree.

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