Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Our Jewels

Where are they made?

All of our jewelry is 100% made in Portugal, in several small workshops in the municipalities of Gondomar and Póvoa do Lanhoso .

What metal is jewelry made from?

The base of all our jewelry is 925 Sterling Silver . Some collections also have 9k Gold applications. This information is always visible in the description of each jewel.

What type of finish does the jewelry have?

Our jewelry can have 3 types of finishing:

Oxidized - characterized by sharp contrasts between darker backgrounds and lighter, brighter surfaces;

Rhodium Plating - gives the pieces a bright silver shine;

Gold Plating - the appearance resembles gold jewelry.

Is the jewelry available immediately?

Yes, all the pieces you see here in our store are available for immediate shipping .


How can I make payment?

At Nadir Filigranas, you can safely pay for your purchases through:

  • ATM
  • MB Way
  • Credit or Debit Card
  • PayPal

Is payment secure?

Yes , all payments are secure as they are processed through trusted external platforms specialized in payments and data protection.

What do I do if I haven't received confirmation of my order by email?

If you have not received confirmation of your order by email, please contact us at

We promise to respond quickly!

Are there additional costs for orders delivered outside the European Union?

Orders sent to countries outside the European Union (EU) may be subject to import taxes, customs duties and fees charged by the destination country.

The recipient of an international order may be subject to these taxes, fees and customs duties, which are charged once the order arrives in the destination country.

Additional charges for customs clearance are borne by the recipient.

Nadir Filigranas has no control over these charges, and cannot predict their cost, as customs policies vary from country to country.

Customs clearance procedures may cause delays beyond original delivery estimates.


Is it true that shipping is free?

Yes . We are extremely proud to offer free shipping on all orders, regardless of value, whether national or international.

The shipment will also always have a tracking number.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes ! In fact, we are very used to shipping all over the world - and always with free shipping.

When will you ship my order?

Your order will be shipped quickly!

Most of the time it is sent on the day of purchase until 6:00 pm - Mainland Portugal time (except Saturdays, Sundays, or holidays).

Orders placed after 6pm may be shipped the next business day.

When will I receive my order?

- Orders to Portugal are delivered within 2 working days by Registered Mail.

- Orders to Europe are delivered in 5 to 8 business days .

- Orders to the rest of the world are delivered in 5 to 12 business days .

* Except at certain times of the year (Christmas, holidays, vacations, etc.)

** The final delivery date for international orders may depend on customs clearance, although we do everything possible to speed up these procedures, the nature of them is beyond our control

Care for jewelry

How should I store jewelry?

Store your jewelry individually in the original box provided at purchase, this way it will be better protected.

Try to keep your pieces away from extreme temperatures, direct sunlight, cold and humidity.

Metals, especially silver, oxidize and darken in contact with air, it is a natural process - hence the importance of avoiding storing pieces in damp or bright places, always favoring dry and dark places.

What precautions should I take when using jewelry?

Store the pieces individually in the original box provided at purchase, this way they will be better protected.

Avoid storing items in damp or bright places, always favor dry and dark places;

What should I avoid doing with my jewelry?

To guarantee the original beauty of our jewelry, we recommend that:

  • Remove the pieces whenever you wash your hands;

  • Remove the pieces when taking a shower or swimming in the sea or swimming pools;

  • Avoid carrying out physical/sports activities, as sweat is highly corrosive and will quickly change the appearance of the pieces;

  • Avoid contact with makeup, creams, perfumes and lotions;

  • Always store your jewelry when not in use. Resist the temptation to leave them resting, exposed to air and light on any piece of furniture or surface, as metals - especially silver and gold-plated silver, oxidize and darken in contact with air (it is a natural process).