Collection: RELIGIOUS JEWELRY in Portuguese Filigree

In our collection of religious pieces, each jewel is a sublime expression of faith intertwined with the rich tradition of Portuguese Filigree.

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Devotion and Elegance: Collection of Religious Jewelry in Portuguese Filigree

In our collection of religious pieces, each piece of jewelry, from delicate medals and crucifixes to rosaries, or reverent reliquaries / vestments, is a sublime expression of faith intertwined with the rich tradition of Portuguese filigree.

Filigree Pendants - Expressions of Faith and Style

The medals in this collection, such as the medals of Our Lady of Fátima, the Hand of Fátima, or the Cross/Cruxifix, are truly delicate pieces. Meticulously crafted, they elevate devotion to a high aesthetic level, uniting faith and style with a unique grace.

Reliquaries or Custodies - Guardians of Deep Meanings

One of the main pieces of Traditional Portuguese Jewelry, these profusely decorated pendants owe their name to having in the central part an open area similar to the monstrance where the Blessed Sacrament is displayed. Also known as the Reliquary, by analogy with the piece where the "relics" of the saints were kept. These pieces reach today in various shapes and models, more oval or more circular, but always meticulously crafted in Portuguese Filigree.

Filigree Rosaries - Prayer on Each Bead

Each bead of our Rosaries is a materialized prayer. The Filigree from the Gondomar workshops is skillfully incorporated, transforming the rosaries into tangible manifestations of devotion. Whether for personal use or as a meaningful gift, each rosary is a sacred jewel that transcends the ordinary.

Religious Pins and Pins - Symbols of Protection and Faith

The Pins and Pins in this collection are tangible symbols of protection and faith. These pieces are adorned with Portuguese Filigree details that transcend beauty with deeper meanings. Perfect for lapels or as inspirational keepsakes, these pins and pins are visual manifestations of belief.

Sterling Silver - Purity that Shines in Devotion

Each piece is made from 925 Sterling Silver, an additional expression of purity, along with renowned durability. Portuguese Filigree comes to life in every detail, ensuring that each piece is a lasting witness to faith.

Discover exquisite devotion in our Collection of Religious Pieces, where each cross, crucifix, hand of Fátima, Our Lady of Fátima, monstrance, reliquary, rosary, pin or brooch is a sublime encounter of spirituality and tradition. Allow these pieces to transcend common use, becoming manifestations that testify to your devotion.

Immerse yourself in the harmony of faith and timeless beauty with our religious pieces in Portuguese Filigree.

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