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In the "Queen" collection, each piece is an expression of the elegance of Portuguese tradition, and wonderfully crafted in 925 Sterling Silver.

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Queen Jewels: Iconic Elegance of Traditional Portuguese Goldsmithing

In the "Queen" collection, each piece is an expression of the elegance of Portuguese tradition, and wonderfully crafted in 925 Sterling Silver. Just like Portuguese Filigree, this collection also embraces the rich heritage of Portuguese goldsmithing, taking as its starting point the its most iconic piece: the Queen earrings, in their most varied sizes - from the smallest and discreet, to medium and largest - more imposing. But here you will also find wonderful medals, necklaces and bracelets created from the original piece.

Queen Earrings - from the most Discreet to the most Exuberant

The Queen earrings, which are the centerpiece of this collection, appeared in Portugal during the reign of Queen D. Maria I, but it was during a visit by D. Maria II to the city of Viana do Castelo, that they became known as such - when she a pair in gold was offered - and they became a symbol of status and wealth.
This piece is linked to the symbolism of the feminine - present in the triangular shape of the end of the earring, and to female fertility - present in the circular central piece that is connected to the surrounding piece, like the connection between mother and child.
The Queen's Earrings are available in different sizes, all of them true treasures that enchant with their delicate details, and musicality typical of these articulated earrings...

Queen Medals and Necklaces - The Perfect Touch

From the Queen earring, we created the Queen medal - in various sizes - which is a perfect complement, of wonderful elegance. Sold separately, or with a thread, be sure to add this traditional touch to complement the earrings, which harks back to the rich Portuguese tradition. We also created the Queen necklaces, where we combine the wonderful medal with the refinement of Freshwater Pearls, in single or double rows. Add a touch of refinement and cultural heritage to your jewelry collection!

Queen Bracelets - Tradition to Adorn the Wrist

Adorn your wrist with the gracefulness of our bracelets/slaves. Created from the iconic Queen Earring, with the motif in large or small sizes, be sure to add the distinctive touch of these bracelets to your style and your jewelry collection.

Sterling Silver - The Lasting Foundation of Elegance

Each piece in the Queen Collection is built on the durable base of 925 Sterling Silver, guaranteeing an impeccable shine, as well as the promise of quality and durability. This collection is a celebration of Portuguese tradition in the form of timeless elegance.

Discover the royal elegance of the Queen Collection. Combine Portuguese tradition with timeless beauty, transmitting a rich cultural heritage with each use.