Collection: Marcasites NECKLACES and MEDALS

In the collection of "Marcasites Necklaces and Medals", each pendant embodies the heritage of the Portuguese Discoveries, which shaped Portuguese goldsmithing.

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Marcasites Collection of Necklaces and Medals: Elegance of the History of Portuguese Goldsmithing

The "Marcasite Necklaces" in this collection are more than just adornments; They are refined testimonies of a heritage that extends from the odyssey of Portuguese navigators that began in the 15th century to the golden age of the 18th century. Each piece is a narrative that honors the tradition and craftsmanship of Portuguese goldsmithing.

Along with Portuguese Filigree, Marcasites are an integral part of the Iconic Jewels of Traditional Portuguese Jewelry.

Reflecting the Influence of Portuguese Discoveries

The collection of "Marcasites Necklaces and Medals" celebrates the influence of Portuguese discoveries. Just as navigators brought precious stones and metals from distant territories, each pendant embodies this heritage, becoming a tangible connection to the journeys that shaped Portuguese goldsmithing.

The 18th Century: Age of Gold and Luxury

The magnificence of the 18th century, marked by the abundance of gold that arrived from distant lands, is encapsulated in each pendant. This collection pays homage to that golden era of Portuguese jewelry, with pieces that reflect the splendor of Portuguese Court Jewels. Each pendant is a statement of luxury, reminiscent of the ostentation that symbolized national wealth.

925 Sterling Silver and 9k Gold: A Lasting Shine

The lasting elegance of the "Marcasites Necklaces" is guaranteed by the combination of 925 Sterling Silver and 9k Gold details. Each piece is meticulously crafted, ensuring not only everlasting shine but also the promise of exceptional quality.

Traditional Portuguese Jewelry: Art in Every Detail

Each medal is a masterpiece of traditional Portuguese goldsmithing. The intricate details and sophistication reflect the art that flourished in the workshops in northern Portugal. Tradition is preserved in these pendants that transcend their function, becoming expressions of art with a profound meaning.

Iconic Jewelry for Future Generations

"Marcasites Necklaces and Medals" are not just jewelry; They are heirlooms destined to be passed down from generation to generation. Each piece is a timeless connection to the tradition and beauty of Portuguese goldsmithing. When purchasing a pendant from this collection, in addition to being a piece of jewelry, you are part of a story that continues to shine through time.