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Baroque Earrings, with their bulging and impactful appearance, surprise with their lightness, defying visual perception.

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Baroque Earrings Collection

Explore the Handcrafted Elegance of Baroque Earrings from this Collection. From the traditional Baroque Hearts, available in various sizes, to the wonderful Baroque Arrecadas - from very small to large - and culminating in the beautiful Barrola Rings.

Be enchanted by the exuberance of the Baroque Jewels, true masterpieces of Portuguese Goldsmithing. Each pair is meticulously hand-shaped by skilled artisans in a century-old workshop in northern Portugal, preserving tradition and craftsmanship.

Just like Portuguese Filigree, Baroque Jewels are an essential part of the Iconic Jewels of Traditional Portuguese Goldsmithing.

Ancestral Technique

Baroque Earrings, with their bulging and impactful appearance, surprise with their lightness, defying visual perception. They are hollow pieces, with a single or double face, where each detail is carved in fine silver plate with precise strokes, using ancient instruments such as bronze dies dating from the 18th and 19th centuries.

The artisanal process involves the separate molding of the parts, meticulous filing and polishing, culminating in the case of double pieces, in the perfect union through welding. After removing impurities, the pieces are delicately soaped, receiving a patina to highlight contrasts between dark backgrounds and shiny surfaces. The final burnishing stage provides the desired shine.

Testimony of Tradition

Each pair of Baroque Earrings is a living representation of its artisanal heritage, which comes to us through the mastery of generations of artisans. Made in 925 Sterling Silver, these earrings are tangible expressions of Portuguese tradition, offering a unique touch of iconic jewelry.

When wearing Baroque Earrings, in addition to elevating your style, you will boast a history of centuries of tradition and craftsmanship.

Acquire the timeless beauty and intrinsic elegance of these pieces that last over time. Embrace the authenticity of Baroque Jewelry, a tribute to the richness of Traditional Portuguese Goldsmithing in every detail of 925 Sterling Silver.