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Each pair of Queen Earrings is an expression of emblematic elegance intrinsically linked to Traditional Portuguese Jewelry.

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Queen Earrings: Emblematic Elegance of Traditional Portuguese Goldsmithing

Welcome to the "Queen Earrings" collection, where each pair is an expression of emblematic elegance intrinsically linked to Traditional Portuguese Jewelry. Each piece is meticulously crafted in Sterling Silver, reflecting the rich tradition and refinement of these iconic jewels.

The Queen earrings appeared in Portugal during the reign of Queen D. Maria I, but it was during a visit by D. Maria II to the city of Viana do Castelo that they became known - when she was offered a pair in gold - having became connoted as a symbol of status and wealth.

This piece is closely linked to the symbolism of the feminine - present in the triangular shape of the end of the earring, and to female fertility - present in the circular central piece that is connected to the surrounding piece, like the connection between mother and child.

Along with Portuguese Filigree, Queen Earrings are an integral part of the so-called Iconic Jewels of Traditional Portuguese Jewelry.

Small Queen Earrings - Delicacy that enchants

The small earrings from the Queen Earrings collection are true jewels that enchant with their delicacy. Its details are closely linked to the history of these iconic pieces. Perfect for everyday wear, these earrings add a touch of discreet sophistication.

Medium Queen Earrings - The Balance of Tradition and Style

For those looking for the perfect balance between tradition and style, these earrings from the Brincos Queen collection are a perfect choice. With iconic details and musicality, these earrings offer versatile elegance that stands out on any occasion.

Large Queen Earrings - Statement of Majestic Elegance

The large earrings from the Queen Collection are a majestic statement of elegance. Its impressive design can truly be admired at this scale. Each pair is ready to elevate any look to royalty!

925 Sterling Silver - Base with Lasting Quality

Each pair of earrings in the Queen Earrings collection is built on the durable base of 925 Sterling Silver. This material provides a magnificent shine, whilst guaranteeing the lasting quality characteristic of these iconic jewels. Each earring is a promise of durability and elegance.

Discover the emblematic elegance of the "Queen Earrings" collection, where Portuguese tradition and 925 Sterling Silver meet to create these iconic jewels. Purchase, and let each pair tell the story of our traditional goldsmithing, becoming a valuable part of your jewelry collection!