Collection: EARRINGS in Portuguese Filigree

Embark on a journey through artisanal tradition with our extraordinary collection of Portuguese filigree earrings.

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Discover the Elegance of our Portuguese Filigree Earrings Collection

Embark on a journey through artisanal tradition with our extraordinary collection of Portuguese filigree earrings. Each piece is a fusion of knowledge and timeless design.

Small Earrings in Portuguese Filigree - Delicacy that Enchant

Our selection of Small Earrings captivates with their delicacy, adding a subtle touch of elegance to everyday wear.

Medium Earrings in Portuguese Filigree - Subtle Expression of Sophistication

Medium Earrings capture the essence of Portuguese tradition in remarkable proportions, suitable for various occasions.

Large Earrings in Portuguese Filigree - Boldness and Exuberance

Affirm your presence with our Large Earrings, masterpieces of exuberance that stand out for their grandeur and exquisite details.

Angle or Hook Earrings - Innovation with Tradition

We reinvented traditional filigree with some more innovative designs, whether in Angle Earrings or Hook Earrings, providing a unique style experience.

Caramujo Earrings - Graceful and Elegant Curves

Caramujo Earrings stand out for their graceful shapes, adding charm and tradition to your style.

Enamel Earrings - Vibrant Colors

Celebrate tradition but also modernity with our collection of Enamel Earrings, featuring a fusion of vibrant colors and elegant filigree.

Inspiration: Heart of Viana in Portuguese Filigree

We highlight the Filigree Heart of Viana, paying homage to the legacy of the city of Viana do Castelo, incorporating emblematic symbols and patterns inspired by local tradition.

With each pair of earrings, delve into the rich heritage of Portuguese Filigree. Each piece is more than a piece of jewelry, it is an expression of craftsmanship that has endured over the centuries. Immerse yourself in the authentic beauty of this extraordinary collection.

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