Collection: Queen NECKLACES and MEDALS

Created from the iconic Queen Earrings, Queen Medals are available in various sizes - from the smallest and most discreet, to the largest and most imposing.

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Queen Necklaces and Medals: A Tribute to Traditional Portuguese Goldsmithing

Discover the charm of Portuguese tradition with the "Queen Necklaces and Medals" collection. Each piece is a tribute to the Queen Earring and traditional goldsmithing, in a sublime union of timeless elegance, Portuguese tradition and the durability of 925 Sterling Silver.

Queen Medals - An Expression of Versatility

Created from the iconic Queen Earrings, Queen Medals are available in various sizes - from the smallest and most discreet, through medium-sized ones, to the largest and most imposing. Medals can be purchased with or without wire: choose the size that will perfectly complement your style and occasion!

Queen Necklaces with Pearls - Classic Elegance with a Contemporary Touch

The pearl necklaces in this collection are an example of classic elegance with a contemporary touch. The traditionality of the Queen motif - which functions as the closure of these necklaces - in a charming detail and with a majestic touch, combines with the delicacy of the carefully selected pearls, creating necklaces that exude sophistication, and which can be single or double stranded.

925 Sterling Silver - Guarantee of Durability and Lasting Shine

All Queen pieces are made from 925 Sterling Silver, known for its strength and ability to stand the test of time, ensuring long-lasting durability and shine. Each piece is an investment in quality, maintaining the authenticity of traditional Portuguese goldsmithing.

Discover the Iconic Elegance of Portuguese Tradition

Along with Portuguese Filigree, Queen Earrings - and their natural expansion to the creation of Medals and Necklaces, are an integral part of the Iconic Jewels of Traditional Portuguese Goldsmithing. Discover the elegance of these pieces, a permanent visual narrative that goes beyond the ephemerality of trends. Celebrate our rich cultural heritage and become part of a unique story of timeless elegance.