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The Queen Bracelets, more than just accessories, are a testament to traditional Portuguese goldsmithing.

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Queen Bracelets: Tradition that Wraps the Wrist with Elegance

The Queen Bracelets contain an unavoidable part of traditional Portuguese goldsmithing. These bracelets are more than just accessories, they are a testament to tradition that wrap your wrist with elegance.

Queen Motif - Delicacy in Every Detail

These pieces are a tribute to the Queen Earring from which they were created, and to traditional goldsmithing, in a sublime union of timeless elegance, Portuguese tradition and the durability of 925 Sterling Silver.

Available with the Queen motif in a small size, for a more discreet option with a subtle touch of elegance - or with the Queen motif in a large size for a bolder visual impact.

Majestic Presence

In any of the options, you will always be faced with a piece that creates an imposing style statement, and that testifies to the grandeur of traditional Portuguese goldsmithing, to which it is impossible to remain indifferent.

Traditional Portuguese Jewelry

Reflective of our rich cultural heritage, these slave bracelets are a celebration of tradition, providing a subtle touch of elegance that tells stories of centuries past. Don't forget to use the authenticity of a tradition that lasts over time.

Sterling Silver - Durability and Shine

The intrinsic beauty of these Queen bracelets is closely linked to the 925 Sterling Silver with which they are created, a guarantee of durability and shine, a testament to the commitment between quality and authenticity, which provide a jewel that transcends the ephemerality of passing trends.

Get Your Queen Slave Bracelet - An Iconic Jewel of Tradition

Each bracelet is a unique expression of Portugal's rich cultural heritage, destined to be cherished today and passed on to future generations as a jewel of priceless value.