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Portuguese filigree comes to life in every detail, providing accessories that transcend passing trends, making them true classics.

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Discover the Elegance of our Portuguese Filigree Collection

Embark on a journey through artisanal tradition in this extraordinary collection of Portuguese Filigree, an ancient technique that requires very patient, imaginative work and great dexterity on the part of the artisans, and which is in itself a very meticulous art. Portuguese filigree comes to life in every detail, providing accessories that transcend passing trends, making them true classics. All pieces are made in 925 Sterling Silver and Gilt Silver.

Earrings in Portuguese Filigree - From the most discreet to the most imposing

Our selection of filigree earrings ranges from small earrings, which captivate with their delicacy, adding a subtle touch of elegance to everyday wear - to larger, bolder and more exuberant earrings, which stand out for their grandeur and refined details. We cannot fail to mention the unmissable Coração de Viana, or Coração Minhoto earrings - in their most diverse sizes, or the unparalleled Caramujo Earrings with their characteristic shapes and enameled details.

Portuguese Filigree Necklaces - Timeless Elegance

With a wide selection of medals that can be purchased with or without wire, from the smallest with delicate details and which are a discreet expression of style - to larger medals, for a bold statement of style, which will stand out with elegance. Also passing by the crosses and crucifixes, monstrances or reliquaries where symbolism meets tradition, in a delicate spiritual touch. Also highlighting the iconic Heart of Viana - in the most diverse sizes, which symbolizes love and tradition.

Portuguese Filigree Rings - Adjustable Elegance

Discover the unique expression of tradition in each ring that balances the delicacy of filigree with the flexibility of a design adjustable to different sizes. From the most subtle rings, which offer discreet elegance for your everyday life, to the most daring, which capture looks and express strong personalities.

Bracelets in Portuguese Filigree - Dazzling Complements

Explore sophistication and tradition with our stunning collection of bracelets, from the most subtle ones that add a touch of discreet elegance to your wrist, to slave bracelets that express bolder statements with their grandeur, to periwinkle bracelets with their characteristic shapes and enamelled details that add a touch of charm and fluidity.

Cufflinks in Portuguese Filigree - Sophistication in Details

Raising the level of masculine elegance, in our extraordinary collection of Cufflinks in Portuguese filigree you will find a perfect fusion between tradition and functionality, in a style statement that will last over time, and that adds a distinctive touch to an entire look, an element of truly captivating authentic charm.

Pins and Pins in Portuguese Filigree - Subtle Elegance

These accessories offer a subtle elegance, perfect for men and women who appreciate authentic sophistication. Each piece is a celebration of the art of filigree, incorporating patterns inspired by tradition, and makes the perfect choice for those looking for a dash of sophisticated style, as they add a refined touch to suits, scarves or lapels, standing out as symbols of discreet sophistication.

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