Jóias Marcassites - Brilho da Tradição

Marcasites Jewelry

The Elegance of the History of Portuguese Goldsmithing

Marcasite Jewelry is more than just adornments; They are refined testimonies of a heritage that extends from the odyssey of Portuguese navigators that began in the 15th century to the golden age of the 18th century. Each piece is a narrative that honors the tradition and craftsmanship of Portuguese goldsmithing.

Along with Portuguese Filigree, Marcasites are an integral part of the Iconic Jewels of Traditional Portuguese Jewelry.

The 18th Century: Age of Gold and Luxury

The magnificence of the 18th century, marked by the abundance of gold that arrived from distant lands, is encapsulated in each jewel. These jewels pay homage to this golden era of Portuguese jewellery, with pieces that reflect the splendor of Portuguese Court Jewels.

Each jewel is a statement of luxury, reminiscent of the ostentation that symbolized national wealth.

925 Sterling Silver and 9k Gold: Lasting Shine

Made in 925 Sterling Silver with 9k Gold details, Marcassites Jewelry shines with elegance, also offering exceptional durability and quality.

An expression of commitment to authenticity, providing jewelry that will stand the test of time.

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