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Baroque Jewelry

Baroque Jewelry stands out as iconic and timeless pieces, and is an integral part of traditional Portuguese jewelry. Each piece is meticulously handcrafted in a century-old workshop in the north of Portugal, keeping tradition and artisanal mastery alive.

Along with Portuguese Filigree, these jewels are an integral part of the Iconic Jewels of Traditional Portuguese Goldsmithery.

Hand-Moulded Baroque Art

Baroque Jewelry is known for its bulging aesthetic and impressive visual impact. Each piece is entirely molded by hand, using ancestral techniques passed down from generation to generation. The uniqueness of these jewels lies in their visually imposing appearance, apparently heavy, but they are actually surprisingly light.

Detailed Craft Process

In the workshop, the hollow pieces are molded separately from fine silver sheet, using bronze dies that date back to the late 18th and early 19th centuries. Each successive dry blow highlights the details of the relief, creating a craftsmanship of great value. In double pieces, the two parts are then carefully filed and joined through a welding process, resulting in unique works of art.

Polishing and Patine: Final Touch

The pieces are then subjected to a meticulous polishing process on a grinding stone. Edges are smoothed, and impurities removed before being given a "patina" that creates contrasts between darker backgrounds and lighter, brighter surfaces, giving the jewelry a unique visual dimension. The desired shine is achieved through careful polishing, gently brushed to perfection.

Iconic Jewelry for a Lasting Statement

Baroque Jewelry is a true testament to the Portuguese artisanal legacy. Each piece is a statement of timeless elegance, capturing Portuguese tradition in a union of beauty and craftsmanship. When purchasing a piece from this collection, you own a jewel that contains a craftsmanship that transcends time.

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